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Automatic painting machine knowledge Introduction

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Automatic painting machine is automatically controlled by a computer, according to user needs using a variety of control methods to control it. The machine can be used in communications products, auto painting demand IT products, automotive electronics, electrical products, instrumentation, industrial products, security products, electrical life, LED industries.
Automatic painting machine high efficiency, spray evenly, saving material. Automatic painting machine is actually automatic spraying machines, automatic painting machine using the principles are the same as armed Jiang coating dispersion was sprayed on one kind of painting equipment coated surface.
Automatic painting machine is that people commonly known as a sprayer. Sprayer painting machine is one kind of jargon, but it spray booth, spray booth is not the same. Paint room, paint room spraying a workpiece design and manufacture of a large room.
Automatic painting machines and accessories for many types, single-axis points, three-, four-, five-and six-axis, based on the number of axes to determine the complexity of the paint sprayer. Xin Qinfeng industrial equipment to meet different customer needs, customized different single-axis to six-axis automatic painting machine. Also divided into spray gun, coating machines, arc spray, high pressure airless painting machine, two-component spray machines, spray guns, air guns, pneumatic double diaphragm pump, automatic mixing pressure transmission drums, the classic dusting equipment, new spray powder equipment, flame powder paint systems. Some outdated equipment gradually being replaced by the new sprayer. Take now a new sprayer, its past with traditional painting methods qualitatively different.
1, automatic spray painting machine has a very high efficiency, the efficiency of spraying 500-1200 square meters per hour.
2, automatic painting machine with excellent surface quality. Coating layer formation, Guanghua, dense, no brush marks, roller marks and particles.
3, automatic painting machine with extended coating life. Airless paint particles to make the gap depth of the wall, the wall also makes the film a mechanical bite, enhanced paint adhesion and prolong life.
4, automatic painting machine having easily overcome corners, gaps and uneven hard brush site.
5, automatic painting machine has to save paint, brushing uniform thickness characteristics.
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