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Automatic spray painting machine doors Application

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Doors painting process due process relatively clear and simple, very suitable for complete automated painting process. The single-axis or three-axis automatic painting machine as a relatively simple painting automation solutions, has been widely used in doors, furniture painting this area.
Automatic spray painting machine doors need to complete the following process:
The front doors of the reciprocating spray (spray gun reciprocating motion in three-dimensional space and can turn tilt); reversal doors (start reversing mechanism); the doors of the opposite reciprocating spray (gun action supra); doors flip replacement (start swivel base mechanism).
Configuring automatic painting system requirements:
For the above process requirements, the basic configuration requirements for automatic painting machine for: ①XYZ beam triaxial structure to ensure that the gun in the XYZ three-dimensional space at any point can be moved positioning; ② fourth horizontal rotation axis: the gun can do 270-degree horizontal rotation, to achieve rotational positioning painting; ③ fifth rotation axis tilt: so that the gun can do 90 degree tilt rotation, to achieve a certain slope requirements of positioning paint.
The corresponding auxiliary support systems:
Doors inverting mechanism: achieving rotational movement through the cylinder to replace the wooden doors, wooden doors replace rotating mechanism: achieving rotation replacement doors through the cylinder motion.
System Configuration Table: Due to maintain a high velocity spray gun need to increase the stroke, so the XYZ axis for synchronous belt drive-type single-axis robot to build, while the fourth and fifth axes due to the rotation and size streamlined requirements, shall be suitable for gear transmission. At the same time, it requires the robot to achieve fully enclosed level of protection.
Edit painting trajectory: the trajectory of input, editing, storage, support the design elements include point, line, 3-point arc, 3-point circle, line, multi-point curve, customize special features. Guided input method, press the input pattern trajectory planning, interpolation calculation is completed, the data is stored.
Interventional control auxiliary equipment: IO expansion can be controlled by the outer shaft extension or the way an external device, such as a gun start / stop, doors rotating structure, the structure of flip motion control, and logical combination and painting process.
Provides manual and automatic operation modes, users manual mode can be achieved for each axis motor debugging.
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