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Automatic painting machine manufacturing industry used in toys

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Automatic spray painting machine toys. Toys for the current domestic paint industry is still dominated by manual spray paint colors to achieve the toys, the processing site working environment is very bad. And the domestic toy industry, is the application of manual clamping sleeve mold and the most cumbersome and complex painting process, the worst working environment, as well as persons engaged in this work less and less, recruitment more difficult. Therefore, in the spray paint industry, Xin Qinfeng developed for the manufacture of toys, automatic painting machine, for toy companies to solve this problem, the workers can be completely freed from the harsh working conditions in the toy industry painting. Also solved due to defects in manual operation, resulting in poor high-grade toys hand-painted effect, the passing rate is not high, and low efficiency series of problems.
Automatic painting machine supporting curtain cabinet timely dispose of scattering in air spray. Toy automatic painting machine compared with the traditional hand-painting, traditional hand-painted jacket cover die mold, painting, cleaning the mold by manually, and can not at the same time; and Toy automatic painting machine can complete these steps, and can be performed simultaneously, production efficiency has been greatly improved. Traditional hand painting due to staff direct contact with the workpiece, and therefore high probability oil and spraying is not uniform, with a pass rate; Toy automatic painting machine to achieve a uniform coating, and to be able to accompany more guns, efficiency and pass rate has improved significantly.
Can be clearly seen by the above comparison, Toy automatic painting machine in terms of efficiency, environmental protection, paint quality is far more than hand painting. With the pace of building a harmonious society in China continue to promote business more competitive, the state of the labor environment and labor intensity of supervision and management of increasingly stringent, and with the introduction of a new socialist countryside policy, the factory workers are also increasingly become a source huge problem enterprises will face. Xin Qinfeng use non-standard custom toy automatic painting machine, toy manufacturers can improve the ability to resist risks in production processes, reduce production labor costs, but also improve work efficiency and ensure product quality, enhance corporate image, promote enterprise development.
Great personality differences toys, spraying the surface of a wide range of colors, toys and new product development and marketing fast update rate, and thus a high of painting equipment requirements, the traditional spraying machine can not meet; not suitable for the current toy industry, Toys and complex painting process, the process requires a very strong, very professional industry applications, paint surface effects become increasingly demanding greater efficiency and personality differences hand painted. Xin Qinfeng automatic painting machine for toy companies to tailor the best solution for painting toys. The spray solution can significantly improve product quality, greatly improved production efficiency, reduce consumption of raw materials to save costs, improve working environment, protect the health of employees, to solve the problem of pollution in the external environment; reflects the high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, the three Features.
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 Automatic painting machine manufacturing industry used in toys

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