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Automatic painting machine describes the types of paint used in wood furniture m

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Automatic painting machine spray paint used in wood is generally used in the varnish and paint will not look at the paint on the furniture ...... currently used fall into four categories: water-soluble paint, lacquer (NC), the photosensitive paint (UV) unsaturated polyester paint (PU), unsaturated polyester paint (PE).
The following describes each kind of paint automatic painting machine used in wood: 1, water-soluble paint: Paint is currently recognized as the most environmentally friendly because it uses "water" as a diluent, odorless, non-toxic volatile compounds, widely used in Europe, but the domestic temporary lack of effective promotion - the price is too expensive. But this is the development direction of the furniture industry. Processing methods available spray or brush.
2, lacquer (NC): is a made from natural raw materials (lacquer) processing, the diluent is turpentine. Chinese people have started very early, when the use of such coatings. The advantage is that environmental protection, ease of processing, can fully maintain the three-dimensional natural wood fibers. The disadvantage is that oil-less, the process requires repeated construction. This kind of paint used for mahogany furniture and exported to the US, Japan and other countries products. Processing methods available spray or brush.
3, the unsaturated polyurethane paint (PU): currently the most widely used kind of furniture paint. Diluted additive is water that day (banana oil), the day that water containing benzene (strong volatile, toxic), usually complete in 24 hours to dry completely. Accordingly, the paint can be described as a "process is not environmentally friendly (because volatile benzene), finished environmentally friendly (no oil deposits benzene)," the paint. Processing methods available automated painting machine spraying, brushing, curtain coating.
4, saturated polyester paint (PE); currently the most widely used in the domestic furniture stickers, and at the same time is considered the most environmentally unfriendly paint (already banned in Europe). Low prices. By chemical reaction drying, dried reactants and diluents commonly known as blue Whitewater (colors are blue and transparent). The process is quick and easy: first white water and blue paint mixing, directly down at one end has stickers (with wood or solid) of the board, and then paste in the surface layer of thick glossy plastic film, then with plastic stick roll from one end of the oil pressure, the more paint at the other end of the extruded and plate surface to form a uniform film, half an hour after the film thickness can be opened, the paint is completely dry reaction.
It is noteworthy that a large number of blue-white water which contains benzene, xylene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances and hazardous substances deposited on the entire paint inside, and in the course of slowly evaporate, so most of the furniture stickers are never longer time there are "very weeping," the odor. The paint material: A, the use of paint is: clear and transparent open-degree PU paint color, fully embodies the natural beauty of the substrate, three-dimensional sense; good adhesion, hardness, scratch resistance, yellowing; environmental protection. Features B, paint process: ① high-quality coating materials: the use of domestic high-quality paint products, ensure a variety of product performance, strong environmental protection. ② thoroughly clean surface treatment: advanced machinery processing platform, personnel strict checks to ensure the removal of wood wool products, wood products and other eye defects. ③ finishing process is very particular about: blank surface treatment of wood and sand grit sanding several processes; 16 series unique finishing process technique reveals clear wood products. ④ overall appearance, feel good: fresh and eye-catching skin tones; uniform coat of paint color; smooth surface, grainy clear and transparent, three-dimensional sense, the film plump thick, soft gloss, no sagging, bubbling, painted orange peel loading defects.
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