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Xin Qinfeng automatic spray painting machine in the heel

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Xin Qinfeng heel automatic painting production lines, is an automated spray solution. Heel automatic spraying line features: 1, electrostatic dust, spraying automatic, drying, UV light-cured automatic pipeline operations, for volume continuous production, high yield, uniform coating surface. 2, the point of contact with the rail transport chain bearing configuration, with the precise orbit, rotation even when running fast and smooth smooth no jitter. 3, electrostatic dust removal system, imported high-voltage electrostatic generator, ion air nozzle can be adjusted up and down around mechanically, can meet the different product size changes, coupled with the work piece rotation, dust no dead ends. 4, environmental protection curtain-style spray booth design, smooth flow of clean, well-configured interior baffle and spray spoiler, so that turbulence away from the workpiece, and rapid decontamination, purification equipment amounted to 100,000. 5, UV light-curing equipment with multi-lamp UV curing lamp, arbitrarily adjusting the irradiation distance and angle. Forced turning mechanism so that the workpiece to obtain a uniform illumination, strength adjustable. Expand the observation window and the close observation of the UV curing chamber or products. Inside and out of uniform wind flow, it can make the product that is not because of high temperature and scorched, not because the temperature is low and there is no complete cure.
Constitute heel automatic painting production lines: 1, 2 rotation conveying system, electrostatic dust removal system 3, 4 automatic spray systems, paint supply system 5, IR drying curing system 6, UV light curing system 7, clean purification plant system, 6, 7 air purification air supply system, centralized electrical control system.
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