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Automatic spray painting machine in the furniture industry

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Automatic painting machine to paint furniture painting refers to painting for furniture. Painting is mainly reflected the characteristics of retro and return to nature, fully revealed the true nature of the wood. Due to meet the human longing for nature, return to natural psychological needs, therefore, is a trend in the future development of furniture. Therefore, automatic spray machine applications in the furniture painting is painting the future development of the industry trend. Furniture painting process, whether traditional manual spray, or now automatic painting machine spraying must comply painting process, so as to achieve better coating results. Painting process including substrate damage processing, material handling, the overall coloring, fillers, primers, breathing, color, color repair, two degrees primer, paint, polishing, waxing and other technology. These steps are the following brief introduction. 1, the substrate damage: destroyed furniture painting process antique effect of a strong manufacturing processes, it is mainly traces of imitation erosion, insects frogs, collision damage and vandalism. Its role is to enhance the products antique effect, cover defective products, increase the value of the product, the substrate damage have the following main categories: wormhole - wormhole is imitation products after prolonged storage timber is worm-eaten, after leaving moth marks. In general phenomenon common in insects product damage and decay at the edge of the site, and where there is scar section at the center of the timber is relatively hard, insect borers generally do not go to these places, both insects frogs scattered in some places there dense into a group phenomenon. Rasp marks - File marks are imitation products in the long-term use or storage process by an object with a serrated pull to draw the scene. Horsetail, earthworm marks - also known as scratch marks Mawei, it is imitation products in the course of being scratched, scratching marks; earthworm mark is imitation products long-term use or storage process is worm-eaten, insect climb after leaving marks. Hammer marks - with a hammer hammer marks are tilted at an angle after beating traces, it is primarily long-term use imitation products are bruised or other objects falling down injured at the scene. Dispensing (also known as "fly black spots") - the point is black, dark brown, is a transparent or opaque Stain, foreign commonly known as "fly black spots." It is mainly imitation products in the long-term use of fly excrement left on the product or some colored substance splashed on the product traces, antique effect is stronger one step.
Printed cloth - cloth printing, also known as contrast, it is a process often used furniture painting process, and its main role is to enhance layering products, deepen the color of products, reduce product color level to deal with it and will be described below combine to make the product presents a shallow, intermediate and deep color gradation. Details of the front of the machine for automatic painting furniture painting process about, and details of the coating process of the first link - the base damage. Today, we continue to introduce the substrate subsequent destruction processes: material handling and overall coloring links. Creative process: color gap due to the wood itself generated by a dye or pigment mixed in a solvent, then creative color adjustments consistent, creative adjustments can bleach and repair toner. Overall Coloring: also known as background coloring or colored material, the material is close to the background painted color palette, the general spraying practices. Coloring materials are: alcoholic colorant, lint colorant, pigment colorant penetration, oily colorants, dyes, coloring agents. Automatic painting machine described above on the furniture spray process, highlighting the filler and the head of the times primer painting equipment furniture sectors. This is also directly related to the automatic spray painting machine after the furniture quality and effectiveness. Filler: a pigment added to the wood fiber filler, to fill the pipe and increase the wood texture sharpness, while achieving filled with colored two functions. Care must be taken when filling adhesion, if the adhesion is poor, then after the coating film is easily peeled off; if coloring is poor, the color is uneven, wood texture is not clear; if good filling primer, primer can be saved and paint spraying times, the mirror coating better.
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