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Automatic spray painting machine cabinet furniture industry curtain spray booth

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Furniture production is widely used in automatic painting machine for furniture finishing, using high-efficiency spraying process, the film is formed even delicate, smooth, high adhesion. But when they were spraying high pressure air atomized coating material, forming a large amount of mist. Mist particles and solvent from the coating is composed of very small proportion of mist floating in the air. In the mist settling on the surface will affect the quality of the workpiece, inhalation of mist operator also hazardous to their health. Many furniture manufacturers use curtain cabinet room spray mist exclusion, improve the spraying work environment.
Curtain-style spray booth curtain single or double curtain
Curtain-style spray booth, also known as curtain cabinets, automatic painting machine supporting mist processing equipment. Before are single curtain type. Paint by compressed air atomized spray from the gun to the surface, excess mist flows under negative pressure guided curtain curtain cabinet vent plate beneath the entire air flow within the spray area is obliquely downward flow exhaust air intakes. Woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises to better take into account the environmental organization spraying air and water curtain Dimensions receive a stainless steel plate width limit factor, the water curtain designed dual curtain. Single and double curtain curtain compared to no essential changes. Dual water curtain curtain in the middle of an increase of the exhaust port, exhaust port so that the middle of the mist generated from the lance to form air flow parallel to the flow of the exhaust port. The horizontal airflow for spraying a large area of the workpiece advantageous to reduce the mist spray workpiece interference, improve the quality of the film.
Cabinet curtain spray booth What shortcomings
A shortage of some products is inevitable, curtain cabinet, too, its biggest drawback is running high humidity. Due to the use of water mist as an adsorbent, in order to improve the adsorption performance, high-speed loop must be water, and spray cleaning mist containing air, a lot of water in the shower curtain and volatile cabinet will make the painting room humidity high. We know that many of the paint furniture painting are not in a high humidity environment construction, high humidity can affect the film quality and drying speed. The general increase in the amount of exhaust, deliver enough clean and dry air and a series of measures to reduce the humidity in the painting environment.
Drencher cabinet despite the shortcomings, but it has many advantages: low investment, a Face 3 m long curtain cabinet price was about one million and lower operating costs, the use of shower water cycle, adsorption mist costs is very low, the treatment effect is very good, if the curtain cabinet adjustment is good, efficiency up to 85%, due to curtain cabinet with the above characteristics, over a relatively long period of time will not be eliminated.
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