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Automatic painting solutions to achieve efficient painting doors

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At present, all the doors of the manufacturing process, a painter and decorator often the last and most important, the most time-consuming a process. The quality and speed of this procedure directly affects the appearance of the product quality and production efficiency doors, wooden doors and restrict their market competitiveness. Doors painting process, the doors of the manufacturing process has become a bottleneck to solve this problem, in order to realize high-performance production of wooden doors.
Hand-painted highlights many problems. We all know the traditional hand-painting has many deficiencies, such as: operating in different ways due to personal, difficult to control the quality of batches of product stability and consistency; low production efficiency, can not meet the needs of mass production; manual paint big loss increased production costs; manual operation of the operator itself great harm, a simple hand-painting station no mist environmental treatment, greater environmental pollution; requires a lot of operators, and now master painting techniques workers are hard to find, and the increase in production costs and management costs. Only use an automated way to paint large-volume, high-quality, stable production, high-efficiency doors of businesses to meet the production requirements. Automatic spraying into trends. Automation furniture paint coating, large-scale production is the inevitable result of the development, but also a development of the industry trend furniture painting! Many wooden doors are well aware of this truth, exactly what kind of equipment is the most suitable and cost-savings and paint? there are some companies began to try. Some stronger domestic enterprises purchasing imported auto painting equipment. However, the operation failed to hear a lot of examples, only a small part of the business process by changing reluctant to use them. Is the real reason for painting doors automation really can not achieve it? In actual fact, lead to this situation, because some companies do not choose the right paint and matching automation equipment. Every business needs according to their production process and technical requirements to select the appropriate supporting automated painting equipment, or even the best equipment and the process does not match all their waste. At home, painting equipment increases there are many factors to consider, such as the flatness of the sheet, the amount of deformation, water content, whether the glue temperature, solvent etc., these are the conditions in the overall configuration of devices need to be considered , the Chinese foreign machine to substandard water and soil, to solve this problem we need professional technical staff to boot. 
In fact, wood composite door CNC automatic painting machine, the upper and lower material conveying section, nozzle parts work, is a humanoid operation, automatic control, can be reprogrammed, to complete a variety of spray work in three-dimensional space of mechatronic automation equipment . Suitable for multi-species, multi-volume production. Its stability, and improve the quality of painting doors, increase productivity, improve plays a very important role in the rapid upgrading of labor conditions and doors. Solid wood composite door CNC automatic painting machine is not instead of doing painting work in a simple sense, but rather a body of expertise and a unique machine personification of electronic and mechanical devices, both man rapid response to environmental conditions, and analysis and judgment capability, but the machine can continue to work for a long time, high accuracy, resistance to harsh environments, the doors of the manufacturing industry is indispensable equipment.
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