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Advantages of flexible production logistics

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Flexible production logistics series is a combination of flexible composite pipe, flexible coupling member and the flexible attachment is made, it has a simple structure, convenient shape, appearance and other characteristics, and there can be continuity of production assembly, flexible, flexibility and non-polluting production of advantage.
Flexible production logistics series also known as lean production (Lean Production) referred LP, a researcher at MIT's International Motor Car team to Japan, "Toyota JIT (Just in Time) production," the praise said.
Fine - that is concise, do not put extra factors of production, but production at the appropriate time necessary number of market needed product (or the next process urgently needed products); benefits - that is, all production activity to be useful and effective, with economy.
Flexible production logistics series of instruments in addition to the load of some aspects of the description, it does not need to think too much of your data and precise structural rules, has a simple structure, easy to assemble features. Production line workers can create their own lean rack, according to your own particular needs in the design, construction and adjustment.
Due to the diversification of modern production capacity and the need to constantly changing production Laid-stream processing equipment, and constantly adjusted during production, building-block components to build various types of appliance load, special flexible production flow range of standard components to make your changes very easy to adapt to new and changing the production process.
Improve the working environment
Flexible production logistics can reduce the handling time series parts and tools required and necessary move, can also reduce your risk of injury in the workplace, because special flexible production flow series by the main component of the outer plastic cladding.
Flexible production logistics can lead to innovation and innovation of the staff, the best result is to make the products and processes to obtain continuous improvement, lean design new equipment, increasing the different modes of production and use of the different stations, and flexible production logistics series accessories are recyclable.
Individual parts processing
Supplier delivery storage, and then transported to the assembly factory. Flexible production logistics system to help you eliminate many unnecessary operations and packaging, thereby reducing damage to the part may result.
Unified logo
Flexible production logistics, because the assembly using a uniform labeling standards, in line with ISO09000, QS9000 and 5S requirements.
Simple flexible production logistics apparatus adjustable, flexible production can be adjusted easily implement special stream take place height (only for a M6 Allen wrench), so that each operating at its best.
Product design concept flexible production logistics, improve production efficiency, increase productivity and improve the overall quality of staff, to promote continuous improvement, which is the flexible production logistics series of lean production to reduce the value of the cost.
This is the flexible production logistics series, its products, the company and work ethic can help you become a successful global manufacturing.
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