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Automatic spraying equipment in the eyes of an expert's opinion

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A: the role and importance of automatic spray.
With the development of industrial society, our country has not experienced since the front and two industrial revolutions to the third industrial revolution, the industrial equipment, let us know the critical importance of social development. We come back to the automatic spraying equipment, a complete automatic spraying equipment can solve many problems existing construction workers spraying machine control when spraying. For example, labor-intensive, low efficiency, the number of people, coating instability, poor uniformity, waste materials. If you want to start the boss automation equipment will be the best choice, a small amount of capital investment omitted cost a great deal. But also save a lot of labor costs, to want to do is cost-effective.
II: prospects for development of automation equipment.
Today, society is stable and rapid development of a social, industrial automation is an inevitable trend, machines instead of human civilization of human society to shape performance. Automated spraying equipment will be adequate space for development. The higher the degree of automation, application spray voice has become increasingly widespread and deep into various industrial fields. We not only China, the world's second and third placed country will have great prospects for development. With the development of world economic integration, the market value of the automatic spraying equipment immeasurable.
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