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Select the most suitable spray equipment

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Learn classification spraying equipment and their respective characteristics. Fluid spraying equipment generally can be divided into five categories: air spray equipment: air atomized spray in a compressed gas as a power spraying methods. Air spray coating method is the easiest, since hundreds of years, but is still widely used. Mainly because of its low cost, simple operation, freely adjustable spray width and spray spraying effect is all the best. But the disadvantage is obvious air spray, paint first, low utilization, paint transfer efficiency is only about 30%, wavy spray often easy to cause a rebound and overspray and other shortcomings. Not only a waste of paint, also caused considerable environmental pollution. Second, since the paint direct contact with the air, so the air purification requirements, otherwise compressed air mixed with water and oil paint, coating will make bubbles and loss of white light and other ills. Thirdly, it is environmentally friendly high-viscosity and high solids coatings applications are now more widely, air spray is not suitable for use.
Press feed air spray gun can be divided into pressure type, siphon and gravity three. Pressure spray gun or double diaphragm pressure tank through a pressure supplied to the paint spray gun. Gun itself, without the tank, reducing the weight of the gun and reduce labor intensity operations, particularly suitable for continuous surface uninterrupted operation, avoid feeding cause downtime, improve work efficiency, to achieve the best quality of spraying. And can operate in any position and angle of the gun.
Common Model: Titon308 air sprayer, divided Trolley, barrel, rack, wall-mounted four. Each batch size suitable for use in metal finishing painting, handicrafts, light industrial machinery, automobile and motorcycle industries.
Airless spray equipment: airless spray works by a booster pump, the coating was pressurized to several hundred kg / cm2, the paint through the nozzle atomized into small particles, is injected directly into a surface to be coated species spraying. Airless spray has the following characteristics:
1. Satisfied with the efficiency of construction; spraying efficiency 300m2 / h or more, significant savings in manpower and working hours. 2. Improve the adhesion, to extend coating life; Airless high pressure spray atomization, so that the paint particles to obtain a strong kinetic energy, kinetic energy whereby the paint particles emitted into the gap of the workpiece, thus making the coating more dense, and the workpiece mechanical bite force, improve adhesion, effectively extending the life of the coating.
3. Saving paint; especially for high viscosity anti-corrosion coating, air spray due to air in the workpiece surface to bounce out of the paint, coating efficiency decreased. Without gas spraying, either to obtain a uniform coating, air spray rebound less than, the effective utilization of the paint is high, relative air spraying paint can save 10-30%.
Airless spray equipment by power can be divided into two types of electric and pneumatic, electric to 220V AC powered, no compressed air, and low noise, not only workshop, and suitable for field use mobile operations. In pneumatic 3-8kg / cm2 compressed air powered, suitable for use in the workshop and field-site construction. No power situation in the field and moving occasion, the available gasoline engine-driven high-pressure airless spraying machine, able to work equally and unencumbered, easy to move. Deficiencies airless spray paint is that it's a large amount of coarse material and the atomized particles, it is difficult to control the thickness of the coating, as air spray careful when making fine spray.
Air-assisted airless spray equipment: air-assisted airless spray, also known as mixed gas, with a small amount of compressed air to a certain impact velocity of the fluid and complete atomization spray coating method.
Airmix both a good airless spray and air spray fast surface quality features and advantages of the two sets in one, excellent finish quality, while the paint transfer efficiency of about 60-80%, which is a wide-range of applications ideally, it is worth to promote the new spraying method.
Common models are: Merkur30: 1 air-assisted airless sprayer, suitable for furniture, light industrial machinery, leather accessories, hardware tools, auto parts and so on.
High volume low pressure spray equipment: high volume low pressure spray means high efficiency and low pressure spray, HVLP spray is also known, it is to reduce the air pressure, an appropriate increase in traffic and complete atomization. Usually it needs air spray air pressure 3-5kg / cm2, while the HVLP spray only 0.2-0.7kg / cm2, so the paint rebound significantly reduce its paint transfer efficiency up to 65%, and the excellent quality of spraying. But belong to low pressure spray gun, it can only lower viscosity spray paint (generally less 20S), and the amount of paint is slow, productivity is not high. HVLP spray has two kinds of electric pneumatic, electric and convenient mobile cleaning outlet for the heaters, oil-water pollution, for home improvement, or small quantities of site operations; pneumatic centralized for paint spraying high efficiency, suitable for industrial production. Commonly used models of electric GTS3800, pneumatic Titon308HVLP finishing sprayer. Apply varnish paint colorant spraying.
Electrostatic spraying equipment: electrostatic spraying can and air Airmix applications to be combined and integrated into a new spraying their respective advantages. Between the ground workpiece and the gun plus DC high voltage, it will produce an electrostatic field, when negatively charged paint particles sprayed onto the workpiece, after the collision uniformly deposited on the surface, those scattered in the vicinity of the workpiece coating material is still slightly within the scope of the electrostatic field, it will surround around the workpiece, thus sprayed on all surfaces of the workpiece. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for spraying fences, pipes, small pieces of steel, steel products, hardware, spectacle frames, jewelry, and other complex geometry, the surface area of the smaller parts, can quickly and easily be spray paint to every place of the workpiece can be reduce paint overspray, save paint. Paint transfer efficiency up to 60-85% and atomized situation is very good, uniform film thickness, will help improve the quality of products. On wood furniture, electrostatic spray gun can also obtain good electrostatic surrounded effects, especially for chairs, coffee table, wood products and other car parts. But for electrostatic spray coating viscosity and electrical conductivity has certain requirements, not all are suitable for electrostatic spray coating, and the investment in equipment as well.
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