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As a key component spray gun market development, the use of spraying equipment, spraying equipment in use and maintenance is very important.
Xin Qinfeng painting machine developed uniaxial, triaxial painting machine, five-axis or six-axis painting machine painting machine is equipped with at least one gun. Although in recent years in spraying technology to be innovative, but also inevitably gun improper maintenance problems in use. First sprayer for environmental pollution is still relatively small, scattering of mist and solvent for distributing less volume, and optional curtain cabinet timely ventilation, greatly reducing atmospheric pollution, improve the working environment, while improving the utilization of paint, labor and material. In the spraying process, the type of coating, the viscosity and the size of the spray gun or on large. The most important thing is, after each spraying operation is completed, be sure to use the day that water or other solvents on the pipe and equipment cleaning spray gun can be effectively removed painting machine gun and pipe coatings. Companies often receive customers send over the gun, the reasons are mostly repair spray paint gun caused internal passage blockage of spray sprayer effect.
To avoid improper operation and maintenance make the gun jam, affect the production schedule and efficiency, the proposal must be strengthened Qinfeng Xin painting equipment especially gun cleaning and maintenance in the normal course of production.
All starting from the customer, good service every customer is our aim!
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