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    Small three-axis automatic painting machine

    Small three-axis automatic painting machine Details

    Three-axis automatic painting machine / reciprocating machine parameters

    Injection counters
    1. Deep 1500 1500 * W * H 1800mm (size can be customized)
    2. The use 50 * 50mm bottom bracket square pass welding production, and with adjustable foot cups.
    3. The water tank uses enough & 1.7mm stainless steel plate 201 # are bent and welded.
    4. The cabinet panels use & 2.0mm cold rolled steel plate bending welding powder production.
    5. Tank blower use 3HP professional centrifugal fan, three-phase voltage of 380V, a (8500 cubic meters of air per hour), placed on top of factory buildings, duct 400 * 400 galvanized sheet configuration.
    6. illuminators 30W double vessel with a light-proof cover.
    7. The power distribution control box set.
    8. with filter

    Three-axis reciprocating machine
    1.X, Y axis are used in Taiwan brand linear slide bearings, model 25 truck type, maximum effective spray stroke is 400 * 400
    2. X, Y axis drive are used in Taiwan brand inertia motor 400W, reciprocating stroke can be precisely controlled.
    3, Z-axis is a stainless steel tube, special bearing mounts tightened up and down manually adjustable height.
    3. D to achieve product shaft rotational angle, driven by the governor gear motors to control the splitter achieve angular rotation, each transfer a minimum of 90 degrees. Center distance D disk spray cabinet to stand outside the distance is 500 mm.
    4. with a standard electrical box. Programmable controller Taiwan imported brands. Touch screen for domestic brands, color LCD screen. Other electrical components for domestic brands.

    Gas line
    Tubing, pipe, pressure regulator, water separator, solenoid valves 1 minute diameter, a switch. Low pressure spray guns provided by the customer.

    Product advantages
    1. fully automated paint production, saving a lot of labor costs.
    2. The overall product surface coating uniformity, high precision.
    3. The full coverage spray, can save about 20% of the amount of paint.
    4. Custom programming you can program different shapes spray products.
    5. With fans curtain cabinet, which can effectively absorb the excess paint mist purification plant air quality.

    Product Usage
    Mainly used in IT products shell, plastic hardware, daily necessities, toys and other products of the workpiece.

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