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    ABB Robotics

    ABB Robotics Details
    Brand: ABB
    Features: 1. Compact Spray Expert
    Widely used in various industries for small and medium spraying parts, to provide economic, professional, high-quality coating solutions. Small size, scope of work, superb flexibility and versatility, and its operating speed, high precision, short cycle times. The system is equipped with integrated technology (IPS) by a color change valves, air and paint control valves and other components, ensure high-quality, high-precision process adjustments, and ultimately to achieve high quality paint and reduces paint consumption. It can be easily integrated with the turret slide, conveyor system and a series of auxiliary equipment. Compact and easy installation, programming and maintenance.
    2. Integrated Process System (IPS)
    IRB 52 is a professional painting robot, equipped with an integrated spraying equipment, the use of powerful and highly proven IPS technology regulatory process control, while achieving the purpose of saving paint.
    3. Operating reliability
    Based on proven technology and undergo a rigorous verification of innovation and technology is the operational reliability and production stability strong guarantee
    4. Short cycle times
    IRB 52 each have high-speed axis motion performance, coupled with ABB's unique and QuickMove TrueMove motion control functions, greatly reducing the production cycle time.
    5. High precision
    Excellent repeatability and cycle path capability ensures consistent high quality
    6. Painting flexible integration, flexible production
    IRB 52 is installed in various forms to meet the flexible integration and expansion of production capacity needs.
    7. Versatility
    Working range IRB 52 large wrist effective load by 7 kilograms, to maximize use of space.
    8. Small size, a major Dutch
    Compact design not only reduces the size of the spray booth, ventilation reduce demand, and achieve effective energy conservation. Its up to 7 kg wrist load effectively, to meet the diverse needs of spray applications, providing customers with a flexible spray solution.
    9. IRC5P robot control cabinet

    It contains cutting-edge technology robot control cabinet disposed teach new spray apparatus includes a multi-language support capabilities to provide personalized user interface. RobView 5 system combines diagnostic control cabinet, production trends report, the production of basic monitoring data and other functions in one, with extended "custom" support functions, such as screen and widget customization.



    (1) large scope of work, large possibility of audit.

    (2) the inner surface and outer surface can be sprayed.

    (3) it can realize the production of mixed lines of various models, such as the production of mixed lines of cars, station wagons, pickup trucks and so on.


    2,Improve Spray Quality and Material Utilization Rate

    (1) Profile spray track is accurate to improve the uniformity of coating film and other appearance spray quality.

    (2) Reduce the amount of overspray and the amount of cleaning solvent, and improve the utilization rate of materials.


    3,Easy to operate and maintain

    (1) Off-line programming can greatly shorten the debugging time on site.

    (2) Pluggable structure and modular design can achieve rapid installation and replacement of components, greatly reducing maintenance time.

    (3) All parts have good accessibility for maintenance, which is convenient for maintenance.


    4,High utilization rate of equipment.

    (1) The utilization rate of reciprocating automatic spray machine is generally only 40%-60%, and the utilization rate of spray paint production line can reach 90%-95%.


    Our company's automatic spray coating line requirements for the automotive exterior decoration: generally need three layers of painting (primer, color paint, topcoat), there are ways such as spraying for three times and baking for one time,or spraying for threes times and baking for two times, or even both of spraying and baking for three times.

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